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Sandford Orchards

Sandford Orchard is an idyllic Old Cider Orchard sitting at the centre of the Mid Devon village of Sandford.   The Orchard is hundreds of years old and was once in the ownership of the The Lamb Inn where much of its Cider would have been consumed. 

The Orchard was unfortunately neglected for a number of years as were the cob walls and hedging that surrounded it. It lapsed sadly into a poor state including becoming a dumping ground for everyday rubbish and much building waste.  Since 2009 the Orchard has been transformed with rubbish clearance, ,hard pruning, grass cutting, Hawthorn hedging being re-established and Cob walls stripped of ivy and lime capped.

Now having been significantly transformed and with loving care and attention being lavished upon it it has reverted to its former glory.The Orchard today does not only consists of  a variety of established Apple trees but also has benefited from the introduction of new Apple varieties and other fruit trees such as Quince, Damson, Pear, Mulberry, Plum, Gauge, Rowan and Cherry.

Cider is now once again being produced the traditional way with locals quaffing the intoxicating juice known as "InCider Job".  And with the abundance of Cherries both Cherry Pie and preserves are being enjoyed. Along with Elder Flower Cordial being produced from many of the Elder Trees along the Orchard borders.
Once the other fruit trees are established and producing bumper crops no doubt a cornucopia of preserves, chutney, jelly's and pies will also be forthcoming.   

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